Garret Graves Bass

4,5,6 string electric bass guitar, String bass

 My bass journey began in 1987, as a 16 year old. I was inspired when I saw the amazing Ray Brown and his trio blow the roof off the concert hall. He was no doubt one of the greatest jazz upright players in the world. I knew quickly that I wanted to focus my efforts on music, and at 16, I was already behind for a prospective music major. I put in a lot of study and made it into the Fullerton College music program. There I studied and played in jazz combos, steel drum bands, reggae bands, big bands, and wind symphony, as well as instrumental accompaniment to the choir. I toured southern Japan in 1991 with a jazz combo, "Breaking Point" where we played on a morning show-'Ohayo Kansai" in front of an estimated audience of 1.5 million viewers.

Eventually, I landed at CSUN and studied under Ed Mears, this time, symphonic and string ensembles of various sizes. 'Life' happened, and I took a 15 year hiatus from active playing, though I did maintain occasional practice. Since 2009, I've been putting in serious practice and playing time, also studying with great teachers such as studio great Carol Kaye, David Hilton, and now, the great Anthony Wellington. I myself have had dozens of students, and am the go to bass teacher at Gilmore Music in Long Beach, Ca. I'm currently with January Grit, appear on their first album, and in 2 blues and rock bands, actively gigging in the greater LA area and Orange County. Always looking to get more work, and take pride in working hard on my projects, and delivering the goods!


Photographer: Dorothy Ramos

Musician: Garret C Graves